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LeaderMom Research

We work with the best and brightest to synthesize their wisdom and produce useful guidelines and share stories.

Peruse our insightful and tactical research studies one by one.


Sustaining Success: Insights from Top Performing Leaders Who Are Also Mothers

How do other high-performing women meet the challenge of being a great mother and awesome at work?


Top LeaderMoms Talk About Priorities and Sharing the Load

Things that the happiest LeaderMoms do differently and the keys to being happier as a LeaderMom.


LeaderMoms Use Self-Compassion as Antidote to Unproductive Guilt

LeaderMoms with higher self-compassion suffer less from unproductive guilt.

Hard-Won Wisdom Webinars

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April 16
12-1 PM EST
Challenging Common
Myths: Personal Brand

June 4
12-1 PM EST
Leading to Thrive at Work and Beyond

Sept 24
12-1 PM EST
“Success-to-Mess” Ratio in Year End


Our webinars are real-time and on demand. At the close of each webinar, members will be asked, “What is your next most important step?”

February 5th Webinar

Whittling away what doesn’t work

This is about our arch enemies and how to battle them — specifically, how wise LeaderMoms shed 3 oh-so-tempting, self-defeating habits of thinking and behaving, and instead cultivate self-valuing habits that are sources of power and stamina.

  1. Martyrdom

  2. “Wonder Woman” complex

  3. Excessive guilt

Our favorite part of the webinar is the dialogue with two accomplished LeaderMoms. One is an executive in healthcare and the other is a senior leader in insurance. They described very different work cultures. In one, 24-7 availability is the unwritten rule for top leaders; she is working to create an authentic voice and brand to captures how committed and effective she is at her job and as a single parent. The second works in a more family-friendly culture and struggles with well-intentioned – albeit misplaced and unconsciously biased – assumptions that she doesn’t have capacity to take on more work because she has children. She does.   

Somehow their different challenges seem somehow connected and more meaningful in this LeaderMom forum.

*Heartfelt thanks to Kelly Frederickson, LeaderMom executive in residence, for the exceptional whittling metaphor.

As you view the webinar:

  • Notice how these LeaderMoms are learning as they go, too. We all are.  

  • Take care with their stories and personal disclosures. There is power in vulnerability.  

  • Commit to some disciplined practice to weaken self-defeating haibts and cultivate self-valuing ones. Stay tuned for reminders to do so.

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