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LeaderMom Advisory Board


Anna Gauthier

Managing Director, Communications, TIAA Retail & Institutional Financial Services

I raised two amazing kids while serving in communications leadership roles at some of the nation's largest financial services firms. Cultivating resilience and optimism skills not only helped me to successfully navigate personal and professional challenges; they fuel my effectiveness as a leader and my passion for helping people thrive. LeaderMom is an opportunity to help young and mid-career women and their bosses. When we share our stories and wisdom, we open the door to something better. 


Lauren Zajac

CLO, General Counsel, Data Protection Officer and Company Secretary at Workhuman

One of my biggest passions is supporting and connecting with other working moms. We owe it to ourselves, and to each other, to continue to recreate the norm for working women and working moms. Only those of us in this role know the juggling required, and I’d love to be a part of something that seeks a more balanced approach for all of us LeaderMoms. This work supports our achievement at work and our happiness as humans. Recognizing what works, and learning with the powerhouse leaders in this research, we can better see the capacities and connections we have to address whatever challenges we face.


Steve Lindia

Bank of America, OD/OE and Talent Analytics Executive

The human spirit and desire to succeed is a very powerful tool when directed, nurtured and developed. This has been my north star as an educator, leader/manager, coach/mentor and compassionate steward of organizational talent—to measure, monitor and remediate when necessary—one’s engagement, inclusive behaviors, leader/manager effectiveness and opportunities to grow and develop. Regretted loss by any definition is disappointing and defeating, and LeaderMom offers a positive path forward to a very difficult social problem in our talent pipeline. I am here because this is part of my legacy as a friend, leader and mentor. I hired Catherine Flavin, way back when she was first having her children and navigating the intense world of consulting. I sponsored her then, and that relationship continues today.


Elicia Spearman

VP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Electric Boat

I believe in sharing knowledge and helping others. Women are central to the functioning of the workplace and home. Companies can benefit by enacting policies and procedures that allow their workforce flexibility and training managers how to manage flexibility. LeaderMom has data and strategies that can help companies and  working women. There is a direct correlation and ROI between productive employees and flexibility. LeaderMom brings the conversation to the forefront for honest conversation and solutions. As a LeaderMom in a dual-career family, this is not theoretical. I know what it takes, as well as the positive impact and fulfillment this life can bring.


Nasheela K. O’Dowd

Builder/consultant practitioner. Former Global Head of Learning and Development

With more organizations dedicated to bringing women to the top ranks of leadership, LeaderMom can strengthen the pipeline, get high potential women ready for whatever comes our way, and advertise for senior leadership positions in a uniquely appealing way. As a working mom of a beautiful, sometimes feisty daughter, I have skin in the game, and welcome this kind of work-life connection with other accomplished women whose days are as wonderful and challenging as mine. 


Jessica Bishop

Strategy Consultant at IBM focused on digital transformation of Fortune 500 companies

This team does work that inspires people, changes their lives, and I truly believe that they have something special here. So many people ask themselves if they have the right work/life balance and flexibility; if they have the energy to be a good family member, friend and co-worker; and how can they be happier. Well, these women are going to help all kinds of people answer those questions, and I cannot wait to support along the way.