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This quarter’s #proudmommoment comes from Board Member, Nasheela O’Dowd, whose daughter teaches us what’s really important (hint: it’s not Hydroflasks). Read more about it on the blog.


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This space is shaped by your questions, requests, ideas and aspirations. If you haven’t already, complete your Member Pathway survey. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what we are doing that is valuable so we will do more of that.


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Sustaining Success: Insights from Top Performing Leaders Who Are Also Mothers

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Top LeaderMoms Talk About Priorities and Sharing the Load

Things that the happiest LeaderMoms do differently and the keys to being happier as a LeaderMom.


LeaderMoms Use Self-Compassion as Antidote to Unproductive Guilt

LeaderMoms with higher self-compassion suffer less from unproductive guilt.

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February 5, 2019
Whittling Away
What Doesn’t Work

This is about our arch enemies and how to battle them — specifically, how wise LeaderMoms shed 3 oh-so-tempting, self-defeating habits of thinking and behaving, and instead cultivate self-valuing habits that are sources of power and stamina.

  1. Martyrdom

  2. “Wonder Woman” complex

  3. Excessive guilt

Our favorite part of the webinar is the dialogue with two accomplished LeaderMoms. One is an executive in healthcare and the other is a senior leader in insurance. They described very different work cultures. In one, 24-7 availability is the unwritten rule for top leaders; she is working to create an authentic voice and brand to captures how committed and effective she is at her job and as a single parent. The second works in a more family-friendly culture and struggles with well-intentioned – albeit misplaced and unconsciously biased – assumptions that she doesn’t have capacity to take on more work because she has children. She does.   

*Heartfelt thanks to Kelly Frederickson, LeaderMom executive in residence, for the whittling metaphor.

April 16, 2019
Personal Brand: Paradox of
Strategic Authenticity

Our starting point was a simple charge to Kelly Fredrickson and Sarah Moore: Can you help us make the phrase "personal brand" work for LeaderMoms? Catherine described her love/hate relationship with the term that stems from a deep awareness of how important reputational capital is AND of how pernicious gender biases can be. As a long-time executive coach, she often sees gender and other biases cloaked in jargon-heavy feedback about executive presence, culture fit and personal brand. 

With Kelly and Sarah's deep expertise in branding and marketing, combined with their own LeaderMom lived experience, they offered wisdom to make it more likely we can take back "personal brand," navigate common landmines, and evolve our brand in a way that supports our growth and ambitions at work and beyond.

Not only did we get the insight we wanted, we had a great time in the conversation. Join us! And please let us know what you think and what your next most important step is after you listen to or view the webinar.

June 4, 2019
Sustaining & Gaining
Through Transitions

Seeing oneself and others through the emotional and psychological aspects of transitions is a core leadership skill. Because June is full of transitions– end of school, graduations, summer, mid-year reviews, role changes, and more – we invited Elicia Spearman to our last LeaderMom member webinar. Elicia, is an accomplished lawyer and HR professional, mom of a teen, and beloved spouse of a powerhouse, full-time-career husband. Her stories embody so many things essential for LeaderMoms to grow our careers while loving our families.  

  • Being clear and brave about our value and potential as leaders – not settling, battling complacency.

  • Being willing to engage in conversations about possibilities with headhunters and colleagues, who can help you to see your value and potential.

  • Navigating the emotional discomfort of transitions.

  • Making tradeoffs to align priorities with her family –

  • Being amazing and human – Allowing moments of self-doubt and believing deeply in her wisdom and capacity.

Perhaps most important, Elicia strikes us as embodying two things critical to happiness – grounding herself in her signature strengths, deep expertise and tremendous capacity, while leaning into a challenge.

September 25, 2019
Getting Ahead: Advancing Our Value in Year End

It’s that time of year… prepping Halloween costumes and buying candy, unpacking stored clothes to match the changing seasons, AND starting to think about our contributions at work this year. For most of us, at some point in the next few months we will be expected to participate in a year-end performance review discussion. In this quarter’s webinar, Steve Lindia and Nasheela O’Dowd discuss how to combat the mindset that “your performance review is something that is done to you” and how to ensure that you are getting what you need from your performance review.

Proper preparation is key! Robust preparation will equip you to engage in a dialogue where you understand and advance your value, celebrate your accomplishments and identify how to expand on them, combat common biases that sometimes creep into process, contract for the next year, and articulate what you want and need for future success!

LeaderMom Fast Skills Series

More than 1/3 of our members say they joined because they want to succeed and grow as leaders. Our monthly “Fast Skills Series” will target specific skills to improve and scale as a leader and parent, promote being happier and more effective, and will come with a tool or two so you can continue to practice the skill.


How a Growth Mindset Builds
Capacity at Work + Home

with Dr. Rob Fazio and Catherine Flavin (~35 minutes)

LeaderMoms know better than most that talent and potential can be developed. This belief, a “growth mindset,” leads to more learning and success for us, our families and our teams.  LeaderMoms with a growth mindset know success requires effort, practice, and recovering from mistakes. We can all improve when we do those things. 

Purchase the books mentioned in this Fast Skills video:

Simple is the New Smart, Rob Fazio (Amazon)
Mindset, Carol S. Dweck (Amazon)
Mindset Book Summary (FREE Download for Members)



Elevate Meaning

with Mina Simhai and Catherine Flavin (~45 minutes)

Meaning matters because a foundation is doing what really matters, professionally and personally. We advocate disciplined practices to help you clarify what really matters to you and to the business. When you watch the webinar, know that understanding the power of meaning is not enough. The next step is to deliberately practice that skill until it becomes a habit, so after you have watched, read the blog and get clear about putting these ideas into practice.


Coming Soon: Ask LeaderMom

We are looking for LeaderMom related questions for our next series and we want to hear from you. Maybe you’re wondering about building equity at work so you could take that day off without unproductive guilt? Or even how to maintain zen between conference calls and cheering in the bleachers. Whatever it may be, let’s talk! And if you’d like to be a part of the discussion, please reach out.

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