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LeaderMoms make a big impact at work while crafting fulfilling personal lives.

The LeaderMom Community is part leadership and career development, part support group, part celebration, and part social movement. We’re here to guide you along the way – a constant reminder that someone gets you.

Join to learn from exemplars who are accomplished and engaged parents.
Join for the practical application of insights and research.
Join because you care about empowering women in leadership.

Annual membership is just $120.


Decrease isolation.

You are not alone. You are not crazy. We are your people.
We get it.


Pack wisely.

Lighten the load of internal and external biases with conscious choices around what to carry and what to put down.


Export what works.

Together we recognize and demystify what it takes to retain and engage us.


Member Benefits

What comes with my membership?

  • Secure login (“Member Area” on the top right of our site)

  • Camaraderie with real women who face the same challenges and pitfalls.

  • Real-time or on-demand participation in 4 webinars held throughout the calendar year.

  • Special content tackling common myths with findings from our research in the form of blogs articles, interviews, and features on real-life LeaderMoms.

  • Connect with our team of experts, researchers and panelists, for advice and guidance.

  • Early access and discounted pricing for regional events and programs, and services such as 1:1 coaching.


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Annual membership starts at just $120.