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Coaching Sessions

LeaderMom is excited to offer individual and group coaching sessions, now available for booking with payment online.


with Catherine Flavin (MA, CIPP)

Catherine helps leaders to grow/scale, get results and still thrive. She is uniquely skilled at bringing soft skills to challenging realities (self and other awareness, feedback, adapting to cultures or politics, engaging people in all directions), and making the LeaderMom research useful in your life.


with Maria Sirois (PsyD)

As a positive psychologist, Maria’s unrivaled strengths are cultivating authenticity, self-regard/self-talk, self-care, and storytelling. Each of these has dramatic impact for how you lead at your best, build capacity in yourself and others, and motivate action.


What our LeaderMoms Say:

At my level, coaching can be hard to get funded and incredibly valuable. Having 17 years with one company, I booked a handful of coaching sessions with Catherine to synthesize learnings from my last role, engage my emotions wisely (e.g., how I could use  the bit of anxiety I had to my advantage), and to develop a game plan for getting to the business, the people, and the culture at my new employer. With deep knowledge of leadership and coaching, Catherine is able to leverage my own strengths and wisdom, and recommend  small, doable and significant adjustments to how I engage colleagues. This investment is getting me off the right foot and raising my capacity as a LeaderMom. Plus, she helped me identify ways to streamline and communicate on the home front to reduce stress and clutter, and to share and celebrate this professional move forward with my family.

Carolyn, VP and Counsel