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Take a simple step forward. The cost of losing critical top female talent is just too great.

Take a simple step forward in supporting women from maternity leave and beyond by gifting a yearly LeaderMom membership.

For $120/year, the expert team at LeaderMom will demonstrate how to elevate pride, connection and capacity. We will provide strategies, tools and resources so talented women and their managers can avoid common pitfalls and own what is awesome about the LeaderMom life.

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Why provide LeaderMom memberships?

  • Cost-effective, low risk, high value content 

  • Exports skills from our unique high-performing LeaderMom Panel research

  • Our experts never lose sight of high competence, high contribution as the goal

  • Balances real work-life challenges with explicit attention to the many benefits of being a LeaderMom 

  • Inspiring, diverse, cross-industry exemplars share stories, learnings and guidance on leadership

A yearly memberships includes:

  • Quarterly target webinars each year

  • Discounts to special events

  • Access to our LeaderMom Panel research

  • Engagement with our coaches and executives in residence

  • Members Only blogs and vlogs, featuring counsel based on engagement and retention drivers, and lifestyle features


Take a simple step forward

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