Motherhood Can Be an Asset for Leadership

It’s time that more of us see how the personal lives of women with children can be sources of strength and capacity for leadership. What if we spent just 10% more energy focused on seeing and seeking the benefits of motherhood for leadership, balancing those with risks and challenges, and using the assets to drive through the issues? Smart leaders do that with business problems. If we do, we are more likely to retain and engage women leaders through all parts of the lifecycle.

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Catherine Flavin
Early Meeting: Some Days Are Harder than Others

Writing only about positives would be a fairy tale.  This piece tells the story of a stupidly early morning meeting, called by a powerful male executive who prides himself on being “available 24-7.” The female executive had to contort her and her child’s schedules to “protect her brand.” There is gender bias in play (Do you see it?). And her mental toughness, emotional intelligence, and resilience skills see her through it. We hold her story up to the light to increase awareness (this is what gender bias can look like) and to enable wiser moment-to-moment choices by all actors, male and female. Emotional intelligence and resilience skills are well known assets for leaders, and they matter a great deal when you have to navigate inequity. #youarenotalone

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Pillar 2Catherine Flavin