It’s More than Okay to Say, “F*ck goody bags.”


Sometimes, whether we are LeaderMoms or MomLeaders, the stuff that weighs us down is about trying to manage our “personal brand” as a good mom. One of the funniest and favorite moments of our last webinar was when Kelly Fredrickson shared that she finally gave up on goody bags—yes, her quote was something like, “Fuck goody bags.”

Here’s the classic-LeaderMom backstory on the goody bags: “The reason I came to hate goody bags (and friends of mine already know this). I plan the party, order the cake—or maybe you make it—and 3 weeks later all the moms are throwing away unopened goody bags. The amount of crap I threw away, unopened and unused, was amazing. So rather than feel bad about it, I decided not to spend my energy or money there. I am the party mom. I plan, and we are inclusive. My kids invite everyone. And I said no to goody bags because they suck.”

What does her “customer” have to say? I got to talk to Kelly’s youngest son about the goody bags. “I couldn’t care less if I have goody bags or not,” he said. “My mom is great at planning and finding out what I really want, and doing that.”

That’s her personal brand. The party mom, who includes everyone, and has a great time.

Classic LeaderMom. Find out what matters and do that. And kids, don’t come looking for a goody bag from Kelly. Head over to the webinar section of the Oasis to watch the full exchange.

What’s your “fuck goody bags” that enables you to do what matters and let go of what doesn’t?

Kaitlin Hershey