LeaderMom Game Changers: An Oscars Mindset Everyday

Awards like the Oscars leave many of us feeling awed and inspired. That’s why the team at LeaderMom rolled out our “Golden Game Changer” award this week. Pausing to notice and call out excellence is not only worthwhile, it is uplifting and necessary.  We rolled out this campaign because…

  1. LeaderMom is for and about all of us, male and female. Better leaders experience fewer regrettable talent losses. Some leaders are more skilled at engaging and retaining women through all stages of the lifecycle than others. The LeaderMom Game Changer Award says to them, “Thank you! Please keep it up!” And it holds a hope that, as we shine a light on what they do and say that is more effective, we can “export” that wisdom to other leaders, reducing the variability in those skills.

  2. Being seen and appreciated for doing something deemed valuable by people we respect is highly engaging. Not feeling seen or valued is highly disengaging, especially when the ability to be seen as a high performer or high potential is confounded by bias.

  3. In the #metoo world, we can all benefit when women leaders call out the behaviors that are effective and wanted. We hold no Pollyanna sense of inevitable progress nor do we deny very real challenges. Quite the contrary, we look for what works in the face of challenging realities, and mine the hell of out of that wisdom.

  4. Seeing others succeed can help the rest of us succeed more. No one holding an Oscar says, “Yes, I am a genius, and was born this successful.” Award winners are passionate people who have worked hard, persisted, and struggled. Better leaders do that; too, and in an area ripe with unconscious bias, we value effort, vulnerability and commitment to learning.

  5. Oscar speeches are all about thanks. Gratitude extends to past mentors, current teams and supporters, and eventually to families and loved ones. Who doesn’t want to reinforce connections and collaboration? Who doesn’t love it when people thank their parents? Let’s follow that energy. We thank those who have helped us to learn and grow, and gain opportunities. We also thank those who respect us and our work enough to follow our leadership and update their thinking about what is possible.

Please join us in calling out awesome more often. Let the game-changing forces for good in you life know how and why they matter to you and your success.

Share this graphic with the game-changing supporters at work and in your personal life.

Share this graphic with the game-changing supporters at work and in your personal life.

Catherine Flavin