Five Reasons to Lead with Story

The photo here is not the best image but it does capture a moment, a moment we live for, when the team I was working with and I were fully engaged. A moment when I had found the right tale to tell at the right time with the right tone, and an audience member responded with the perfect rejoinder.


In that moment, we all won.

Leadership studies emergent in the last two decades point to the significance of story as a competency of extraordinary impact. 

As I continue to work with women and men who seek to uplevel engagement, authenticity and productivity in their teams and who choose to bring good to their larger worlds at the same time, story competencies have become crucial.

Here are five of the many important reasons to consider evolving your own leadership capacity through storytelling:

  1. No one remembers a power point. Everyone remembers a story.

  2. Story inspires, enhancing both loyalty and commitment to the organization and its leaders.

  3. Story offers models of excellence, of achievement in difficult times, and of humanity at its best. Story teaches us who and how to be without mandating behavior. 

  4. Story articulates strategy in a form accessible to varied learning styles and has a lived value well past the moment of delivery.

  5. We are wired for story.

Nothing can be transformed without effective storytelling.
— Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce

In partnership with the Cooperrider Center of Appreciative Inquiry, master storyteller, Maria Sirois, PsyD, is offering a new webinar series:  

Driving the Narrative: Storytelling as a Leadership Competency. 

This 6-week series launches in February 2019 and will offer the research supporting storytelling as a crucial skill and practical guidance to increase your mastery and the mastery of those you mentor.

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